Wholesale Miracle II Soap

wholesale miracle II Soap

Wholesale Miracle II Soap

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You Have Landed on the Miracle II,Order Wholesale page. These amazing organic products are all you need to go about your everyday life and live chemical free.

For you Galvanic Spa lovers, the galvanic spa package of 6 miracle 2 products may be purchased at the link below!

Galvanic Spa Gel Alternative

If you have just landed here and have never heard of these life changing products, I would like to tell you a bit about them. I have been using all seven products for over twelve years.

Miracle 2 miracle II soap has been around over 30 years. Yes, the organic soap products have been around used, used and still being used by thousands all over the world.

These seven mircle ii natural organic products are all that's needed for your personal hygiene, cleaning, pet and plant care. These products will eliminate all the chemical filled products in your entire home creating a cleaner, healthier environment for you and your family.

Below are some excerpts from the founder, Clayton Tedeton, who formulated these most versatile organic products over thirty years ago. Today the formula is exactly the same!

"Miracle II soap and neutralizer can help you excrete toxins and allow you to detoxify through natural body processes."

Clayton Tedeton: "Get away from animal fat, alcohol, and petroleum bar soap products. Each and every day more and more people are being helped with the Miracle products. We are cleaning up our bodies inside and out; we are cleaning up our homes and environment with the chemical free products of Miracle II."

By the way, here are the seven products which will save your body lots of problems down the road.

Miracle 2 Regular Soap. This is the soap primarily used for cleaning, diinfectant etc. Most folks like the moisture soap unless they have oily skin, if your skin is oily go with this regular soap, It has no moisturizers in it.

Miracle 11 Moisturizer Soap This is the best for organic skin care you can get. The soap has an amazing combo of minerals, and plant oils, such as coconut, olive, avocado, and vitamin E.

Neutralizer Liquid- This is the liquid organic blood cleanser, it does an amazing job of correcting the ph level of the body.

Only a few drops in water each days will help many chronic conditions has been claimed in testimonials. The major mineral players are calcium, potassium, and magnesium these minerals are essential for healthy skin and body

Miracle 2 Neutralizer Gel-This is the same formula as Miracle 2 Neutralizer Liquid in the gel form. The product is also known as a first aid kit in a bottle. It is good to carry this gel with you for emergencies. It has very positive effects on the skin.

miracle 2 moisture lotion- has the same ingredients as the miracle 2 moisturizing soap with the combo of vitamins, minerals, cold pressed plant oils. This product can be used on the face and entire body.

Natural Antiperspirant The Thai Stick was not one of Tedco's original products, it was added to complete the full hygiene line of organic skin care product line. There is aluminum in most antiperspirants.

Miracle II products have been shown to create increased oxygenation in the cells. These organic products are highly alkaline:

. the Soap has a pH of 8.4
· the Gel has a pH of 7.4 - 8.4
· the Moisturizing Lotion has a pH of 7.4 - 8.4

"Why not try the Soap, Neutralizer, Gel, Moisturizing Lotion, Thai Stick and Laundry Ball for 90 days You will really feel the difference. You will also find you will save a lot of money.

New Try All 7 Products-Miracle 2 soap,neutralizer gel,neutralizer liquid,natural anti-perspirant,gel and laundry ball $135.00

To Order 6 Miracle 2 Products, excluding laundry ball $85.00 Includes Shipping---Please indicate which products you prefer in notes section on paypal form.


Galvanic Users Special Package Only $85.00

Galvanic Spa Special Package

This 6 pack includes the following one 22 oz Moistuizer Soap, three 8 oz neutralizer gels, and two 8 oz moisturizer lotions, if you wish to deviate from this please indicate it on paypal instructions, or email address below.

New Try All 12 Products-Miracle 2 only $135.00 price includes shipping.

The 12 products may be mixed as you prefer with the exception of the laundry ball which must be purchased seperate or with the 7 pack above.

NEW Try the Laundry Ball plus five other Miracle 2 products for only $110.00. Price includes shipping.

If you live outside US please email for shipping cost.

miracle II order wholesale

Purchase our Miracle 2 organic soap by the gallon for only $78.00 per gallon, price includes shipping within the United States with the exception of Hawaii.


New Special-Miracle II Gel 22 Oz Case of 6 $158.00

Purchase our Neutralizer by the gallon for only $78.00 per gallon this price includes shipping anywhere within the United States with the exception for Hawaii.

I guarantee if you are not satisfied with the Wholesale Miracle II Soap, you may return them the first 30 days for a full refund.

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