Galvanic Gel Alternative -Affordable Miracle II Products Negatively Charged

"Why spend a fortune on products
when you can have as many galvanic treatment's
you want for pennies a day?"

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Why use a Gel with a galvanic Facial Massager?

A gel is needed to conduct the ionic waves deep into the skin.

I use the Miracle II gel on the negative fountain to pre-treat, then on positive fountain 2, a mixture of miracle II moisture lotion sometimes blended with an essential oil.

The three products I use are the Miracle II Moisture Soap, for cleansing before the treatment,Neutralizer Gel on fountain l and Miracle II Moisuture Lotion,on fountain 2.

An 8 oz bottle of neutralizer gel will give you at least 32 pre treatments for $9.15!

I recently purchased the Galvanic Spa, I love the skin care device but, as I said the viles of treatment gels are too pricey. I cannot afford $37 for two weeks of treatments! That is only two treatments per week!

There is an alternative. Miracle II Neutralizer gel on Fountain l

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galvanic spa gel alternative

Miracle II soap and neutralizer are "negatively charged", I usually add an essential oil or blend of oils to products. There are many essential oils that are excellent for the skin.

The spa then slides over the skin remarkably well. The soap should be diluted, as the 22 oz bottle will yeild about one half gallon of product, depending on the water quality, I recommend you use distilled water or filtered to dilute the soap. I use the soap to bathe,shower,and wash my hair.

Always use the Miracle II soap to cleanse your face before the treatment,as it opens the pores before you begin the treatment.

The Miracle II products, pull the toxins from the skin better than any other skin care product, tightens the pores and reduces puffiness and wrinkles.

This 8 oz bottle neutralizer gel will give you at least 32 pre treatments for only $9.15, this low price includes shipping anywhere in the US with the exception of Hawaii.

Galvanic Users Special Package Only $85.00

Galvanic Spa Special Package

This 6 pack includes the following one 22 oz Moistuizer Soap, three 8 oz neutralizer gels, and two 8 oz moisturizer lotions, if you wish to deviate from this please indicate it on paypal instructions, or email address below.

This package should last you several months.

Order l2 Miracle II Products For The Low Price Of $110.00, Please Indicate On The Paypal Notes The Products You Prefer.

*The case cannot be split as this is a wholesale price, which is less than $9.00 per bottle which, includes shipping anywhere in US with exception of Hawaii. If you live outside the US please email the zipcode for your shipping price.

Why Miracle II is so effective with the galvanic skin care systems

Miracle II is composed mainly of oxygenated water combined with the minerals potassium, calcium and magnesium.

This combination of elements creates a very small ion. Small ions slip easily through the skin pores and between the atoms of the body. This opens and cleanses the pores, lubricates the muscles, washes toxins, and in general purifies the skin like no other product does.

Magnesium - Anti Aging – Anti Wrinkle

Magnesium is an ion essential to all living cells. When areas particularly around your eyes and face are treated, studies show that many people see a significant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

The presence of this element enhances the natural hydration of your skin and encourages the production of collagen already present in your skin cells. Many people can also see a significant reduction in the depth of wrinkling.

Combining the use of Miracle II Soap and the Miracle 2 Neutralizer will enable the body to clean out the pores from years of built up fats, chemicals and preservatives found in regular bar soaps and allow the toxins to be released from the body through the skin.

Neutralizer gel contains electrically engineered eloptic energized stabilized oxygenated water, Ash of Dedecyl solution, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium.

Moisturizing Soap also contains vitamin E, and cold pressed avocado, almond, coconut and olive oils.

Liquid Detoxifying Moisturizing Soap is a blend of three of the Miracle II Products, the Soap, Neutralizer, and the Skin Moisturizing Lotion.

If you have not tried galvanic you may read more about the latest buzz the galvanic devices.


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